Bubble Ball update, Bubble Ball Pro for iOS

An update for Bubble Ball has been approved by Apple!

This update brings 23 more awesome levels, which are all free if you already bought the level add-on pack! If you haven’t bought it yet, buy it now and you will still get access to all the levels, as well as future ones for free! It’s only 99 cents, and you double the number of levels in the game!

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We’ve also brought Bubble Ball Pro over to iOS for those of you who don’t want to (or can’t) get the in-app purchase. It has the same features and content as Bubble Ball with the add-on pack purchased, and the same low price of 99 cents. You will still get all future levels and features for free!

Get Bubble Ball Pro

Another huge update with awesome features is coming very soon! (There will be much more than just more levels we’ve made)

Thanks to everyone who has helped Bubble Ball reach over 9 million downloads, and thanks to Ansca Mobile for their Corona SDK which helped this all happen. :-)