15 New Levels for Bubble Ball: Curiosity Edition

Bubble Ball: Curiosity Edition now has 15 more levels (for a total of 90) to celebrate the grand opening of Thanksgiving Point’s new Museum of Natural Curiosity on May 15, 2014! These exciting new levels are available for free for both iOS and Android.

To download Bubble Ball: Curiosity Edition, go to www.naygames.com/curiosity.

To learn more about the new family museum at Thanksgiving Point in Lehi, Utah, visit www.MuseumOfNaturalCuriosity.org​.






12 New Levels for Bubble Ball

We’ve just released 12 new levels for Bubble Ball (for a total of 156)! Play with springs, gravity, multiple bubbles, and more in these levels. We’ve even thrown in a few teleporters!

These 12 new levels are free if you have the Bubble Ball Pro or the add-on pack. If you don’t have it, 99¢ will get you 100+ additional levels and the ability to submit your own Bubble Ball levels!

Get this physics puzzler with 156 challenging levels at naygames.com/games!

Here’s a peek at one of the new levels:
Peek at new Bubble Ball Level with teleporters

Bubble Ball: Curiosity Edition Update

Bubble Ball: Curiosity Edition now has 75 levels to celebrate the new Museum of Natural Curiosity opening in less than months! Get it for free at http://www.rucurious2.org/#game. Read more…

24 New Levels for Bubble Ball

Bubble Ball is long overdue for some new official levels, so we’ve just released 24 new official levels! Bubble Ball now has 144 levels, plus over 200 user-made levels. Thanks to the community for creating these levels, and please keep them coming! We hope these new levels will be worth the wait – they have some challenging new elements, and might even have multiple bubbles in a level. (You’ll just have to play to find out!) These 24 levels are free if you have the add-on pack or Bubble Ball Pro.

Get this physics puzzler with 144 challenging levels at naygames.com/games!

Special Edition of Bubble Ball

35 new and free Bubble Ball levels – curious? Find out more about this newly-released special edition of Bubble Ball at RUcurious2.org.

Bubble Ball Pro is the Amazon free app of the day for 8-29-2012!

For Wednesday, August 29, Bubble Ball Pro is the Amazon free app of the day! Bubble Ball Pro gives you access to all 120 levels, as well as the ability to submit your own levels for everyone to play! Get it for free today at the Amazon Appstore for Android!

Android Updates

Community Levels and all 120 levels are now available on Android! Due to technical reasons, we needed to release these new versions as new apps, so head over to Google Play and get the new Bubble Ball and Bubble Ball Pro!

Community Levels

We are excited to announce the availability of Community Levels on iOS and Amazon Appstore! Community Levels allows you to make your own levels in our level creator at http://naygames.com/create and share them with the world through Bubble Ball. You can also play levels created by other people. We are working on getting Community Levels released on Android.

Major Bubble Ball Update v1.8

We’ve released updates for Bubble Ball and Bubble Ball Pro on iOS. These updates bring 24 new levels, bringing the total to 120! Easier and faster object rotation, improved performance, and bug fixes are also included.

We are working on releasing this update to Android and Amazon very soon.

Full release notes for Bubble Ball 1.8

  1. This update brings 24 additional fantastic levels, for a total of 120! If you have already purchased the add-on pack or Pro, these levels are free!
  2. Rotation has been improved – rather than repeatedly tapping on an object, a rotation handle allows you to quickly and precisely rotate an object.
  3. Improved performance.
  4. Various bugs have been fixed.
  5. Note – If you find a bug or issue, please send us a message at http://naygames.com/contact so that we can help resolve the bug or issue.

Bubble Ball and Moai

Moai (www.getmoai.com) went into open beta this morning. Bubble Ball will be using Moai’s Lua-based cloud services for some upcoming features.