Ansca Mobile in a nutshell

Ansca Mobile is a venture backed software company led by an award-winning team of former Adobe mobile engineers, who were responsible for the leadership and technical breakthroughs that helped Adobe Flash Lite reach nearly a billion devices.

Ansca is revolutionizing mobile application development by empowering developers of all backgrounds to create captivating mobile experiences.

The magic and power behind Ansca Mobile is indeed their incredible mobile framework, Corona SDK. Ansca’s Corona SDK (Software Development Kit) enables designers, engineers, and non-traditional developers to quickly create and share applications designed for the iPhone, iPad, and Android. Offering a set of features that are very hard to ignore when looking at what is best to use when developing mobile apps. To name a few:

  • Cross-Platform Development
    Corona has the only complete solution for developing across platforms, OS versions, and screen sizes. You can write once and build to iOS or Android at the touch of a button, and Corona will automatically scale your content from phones to tablets.
  • High-performance graphics
    Corona was built from the ground up for blazing-fast performance. Built on top of OpenGL, OpenAL, and Lua, Corona uses the same industry-standard architecture as top-selling mobile games from Tapulous, Electronic Arts, and ngmoco.
  • Native device features
    Use native iOS and Android features like multitouch, GPS, accelerometer, camera, Google Maps, WebKit, software keyboards, and more — it’s all available in Corona. Access social networks like Facebook and Openfeint and services like mobile analytics.
  • Integrated game engine
    Corona makes it simple to use gaming features like sprite sheets, Box2D physics, Facebook Connect, and OpenFeint social gaming. Corona games run at native speeds, and significantly outperform apps developed in web-based technologies like Adobe Flash, Appcelerator Titanium or GameSalad.
  • Many more features!

The Corona SDK is a developers dream. With over 500 API’s (Application Programming Interface) the ability to cut development time is staggering and with a full featured SDK available for both Mac and Windows development it’s open to all who wish to share in the blissful ease provided by the Corona SDK.

Ansca Mobile has become a formidable presence in the app world, indeed in the past three months Corona-powered apps have been downloaded over thirteen million times. With some of the top selling apps on both the Apple App Store and Android Market Ansca’s Corona SDK is making quite an impression with more than just the development community. So much so that the its been chosen by NOOK Color a highly-acclaimed, award-winning Barnes & Noble bestselling product, to be on a short list of approved development frameworks.

From the humble beginnings back in late 2008 to the critically acclaimed, unparalleled development tool that Corona SDK has evolved into there have been ups, downs and some amazing break thoughts. Little doubt remains that Ansca Mobile has created an incredible framework that has and will continue to help shape the immerging technical powerhouse that is mobile development.